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CS 1- A Hunt Gone Wrong
The Chidokai Forest, a very serene and beautiful place especially after the uncommon lull of constant raining as the drops of rain made the forest seem to glitter. The band of humans armed with basic rifles and packs of hunting equipment were not concerned with the scenery though as the forest had grown quiet around them and slowly moved through the somewhat swampy ground scanning the forest around them; even the jaykay birds had ceased their chattering and hid among the trees. The giant figure high above them stayed absolutely still on her branch watching them at a distance; making sure to leap to the next tree branch high above before they got close enough to see her movements. It wasn’t often Ciel got to practice this method of hunting with the usual heavy rains and floods closer to the ground.
“More trappers and poachers…this should be easy enough again,” she silently whispered to herself high up in the canopies again after surveying her latest prey. Ciel kept a
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Listen ch.1
"Hello, my name is Jill, age thirty eight. I live in the near center of The Origin, formerly known as The North America, I believe. I completed school at Draft, a high ranking university where I studied the reactions that people gave from certain events. There's a big scientific name for it, but I'll leave out the boring parts. You just have to watch how you talk to me, I may be able to use it to get what I want from you," I laughed a bit, not from nervousness, but from the ridiculousness of these post-vacation introductions. I shot an odd look over to my boss, who stood next to me. "Anyway, I'm not going to be too formal, seeing as this is not my first time working at G. C. S. in fact, I've been working here for five years now."
"That's wonderful, Jill, now, back to work everybody," my boss said as he placed his hand firmly on my shoulder and sat me in my chair. He was a big man, so I saw no point in resisting. As he walked away, I wondered how hard it must have been for h
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Katrina Request by KianJimenez
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Vanha smiled to herself as she pulled open the doors to her closet. Today promised to be a good day. She had gotten quite lucky in her hunt last night and had pulled in a huge load of fresh nekos. She chuckled to herself. Felarya was such an easy place to capture prey.
Last night's ploy had been especially ingenious. It had taken the better part of the night to set up those explosives, but it had been completely worth it. After waiting in silence for nearly an hour, she had spotted a large group of nekos on the hunt. Wasting no time she had set off the explosives. The sound those explosions made had been perfect. They sounded just like a giant predator stomping around, looking for food. Naturally, the nekos, thinking there was a predator nearby, began to panic. Their leader, an especially tall neko with spotted ears, found it impossible to calm those panicked nekos down.
That's when Vanha had struck. With acting worthy of an award, she had convinced the scared nekos that she could hide
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You can't milk those!

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